Manav Chopra

As head of the club, the Chairman must balance its day-to-day running as well as introducing big changes. This year there is a focus on better links with the Women's club and greater Fresher retention. Another very important aspect of the role is to liaise with the SU to organise big club events as well as leading our weekly socials.


Max Humphries

The Club and 1st XV Captain is responsible for all on-field activity. As Head of the Selection Committee, he collaborates with coaches on both training and match days. Besides acting as the right-hand man at socials, the Captain leads the Performance Sport Squad alongside Warwick Sport Coaches.


Jack Cartwright

The Club Captain is the right-hand man of the Chairman, the two steer the direction of the club as a whole. Club Captain and Chairman also collaborate to run social events throughout the year. Alongside this the Club Captain must also stay engaged with the RFU, and all other community and charitable events that the club involves itself in.


Joseph Burling

The General Secretary is responsible for managing the website and organising three of the largest events in the calendar: the 7s tournament as well as the annual club dinner and club ball. Alongside assisting the Chairman in the day-to-day running of the club, he must source and sell Six Nations tickets, a popular destination for UWRFC.


Mackenzie South

This is the main contact with both other clubs and the wider community. As well as publishing new material on the UWRFC Instagram and Twitter, our Community Sec is integral in organising inter-club events. Arguably the most important task for him is charity as he leads UWRFC's efforts to raise as much as possible for charity.


Sam Farrow

Throughout the year, a variety of Fresher Fixtures are arranged with other local clubs and universities. A highlight this year included a floodlit fixture against Warwickshire U20's followed by a Fresher Meal in the Dirty Duck on campus. A Fresher Rep is also a first point of contact for any welfare concerns and does an excellent job of managing club culture.


Archie Campbell

The club would not exist without a continual intake of Freshers. In the first term this role is integral in terms of attracting new players, organising trials and encouraging non-players to try out rugby. Throughout the year, Fresher Reps also arrange a variety of enjoyable events to ensure they feel involved and well integrated with the club.


Jasper Singh

The Treasurer Role is the last Senior Exec position and is split into two main responsibilities: Sponsorship and day-to-day payments. The production and distribution of Sponsorship Packs is vital for the club's ongoing success as UWRFC increase in their public profile. Day-to-day payments include coaches' wages and the purchasing of new equipment.


Adam Tyte

A key organisational role within the club, this individual is responsible for booking transport and referees for all fixtures. Alongside this, he is our main contact with Akuma, the University's provider of kit. Designing and distributing this to our club members is important for creating our professional image on campus.


Dom Dunster

The Tour Secs alone are responsible for organising all aspects of the annual UWRFC International Tour. This is open to all clubmen and provides an excellent opportunity to bond and build long-lasting relationships. There is also a Domestic Tour and Term 3 7's tournaments to select and organise.


Ambrose Thwaites

Beyond Tour, they are also key organisers of our big UWRFC charity event: Player Auctions. Hosted at a local venue, freshers are invited to perform on stage in an auction to raise money for our chosen charity. In Term 3, Tour Secs are facilitators of UWRFC's own 7's tournament which hosts other clubs for an afternoon of rugby and a BBQ.